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i have made a habit of making a mess & then leaving

i need direction to perfection

tattering my own sails and i tattered yours too.


Who I Am
Hannah, 20.
happy, bright-eyed, easy going, opinionated,
musical, picky, changes mind quickly,
tends to run from problems/acknowledge problems,
lost, slightly unreliable.

radiohead, dave matthews band, bush, nirvana, daughter darling
pearl jam, the shins, arcade fire, the flaming lips, new order, smashing pumpkins
gotye, emme packer, josé gonzález, bon iver, slow runner, they might be giants,
matthew good, joseph arthur, ben folds, M83, junior boys,
ben kweller, jet, guster, gomez, nate nelson
allison crowe, a fine frenzy, m. ward, neverending white lights,
foo fighters, modest mouse, joshua radin, the editors, phoenix
damien rice, clem snide, unkle bob
iron & wine, ryan adams, spoon, the cure
band of horses, rilo kiley, maria taylor, sia, anouk,
tristan prettyman, adele, kings of leon, the national, silverchair
cursive, sunset rubdown, rogue wave, rosie thomas
margot & the nuclear so and so's, laura marling, interpol,
jaymay, the killers, pj harvey, the format, jason mraz
zero 7, massive attack, phoenix, eels, grand national,

Movies and Musicals
dedication, my fair lady, the sound of music, dear frankie,
lost in translation, garden state, the wizard of oz, miss pettigrew lives for a day,
the phantom of the opera, wicked, rent, seven brides for seven brothers, penelope,
casablanca, once, lagaan, the fall, rear window, rebecca, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, the painted veil, the namesake

my friends, swimming, Chuck, Chuck/Sarah, music,
math, playing the guitar, ncis,

the smell of cheerios, the smell of peanut butter, the smell of seafood.
any show that vh1 or mtv makes,
automatic doors, stuck-up people, people that are judgmental,
overly-dramatic people. valley girls, country music.
spearmint flavored anything, banana flavored anything.
& melissa.
Chuck & Icons & http://www.cnn.com & credit





layout & credits: estiloamor